Delivering a special blend of digital and not so digital productions since 1997. Contact me for web strategies, web development, futuristic concepts or anything complex and creative that seems fun.

Anders Gunnarsson

ClientsSelection of brands and companies

TED GLobal

Italian designer Giuliano Garonzi asked me to help build a web that would generate a video for TED Global. So I did web concept and web development for
Great project!


I work with United Sthlm making iPad/iPhone games for the fantastic finnish Moomin Trolls. I do some game concepts and is responsible for interactions and technical development. Dohi does some nice coding.

Svenska Spel

I've worked with Svenska Spel since 98, when I made their first web game engige.
Now it's mostly strategic tech plans and mobile concepts. I will link when I can.

Hyper Island

I was course manager two times for the month long Experience Technology at Hyper Island where the students learned to think about technology from a creative perspective. I've also sat in their advisory board.


I worked about a year for Stardoll making games in Flash, AS3. Did concepts and game design but mainly development.
Stardoll has 100 Million users and is one of the world's biggest social networks.

Sveriges Radio

I made an internal interactive education app for Sveriges Radio. Flash, AS3.


I've always wanted to say I work with rocket science, so I was glad when Rymdstyrelsen asked me to build a gigantic Space Invader, playable on the Kulturhuset outside wall in Stockholm.


I developed a method and technolygy to anonymize documents being sold on the Mancx Knowledge Market.


T-Post asked me to do something interactive with t-shirts, so I suggested an Augmented Reality thing. Creative genius Marc Strömberg did the graphics. See a video of the result.

AgenciesWhich I've had the pleasure of working with

Stopp Postproduction

I worked for Stopp Los Angeles making a Flash based facial detection app for a campaign. I've release the code open source and written about the optimizations at

Brooklyn Brothers

Made an internal media handling system for a brittish media company. Php, JavaScript, etc.

Kid Bombay

Made some different work for Kid Bombay in San Francisco and mostly a gaming platform for Lexercise with some fun and complex search algorithms.

United Sthlm

My favorite agency United Sthlm is constantly giving me great projects and challenges.


I was part owner of the fun web agency Britny in Stockholm back in 2006. Still hang around with them when I can.

Icon Medialab

Worked at Icon Medialab between 1997-2002 at officies in Stockholm, New York, Milan and London. My title was expert of client technologies. Good times!

My ProjectsInvetions, ideas and initiatives

Flaunt Kit

I made a meeting and collaboration tool for people that need to present and discuss graphical content. I use it myself for all remote collaborations.

Umeå SKaparpris

A party and award for creative people in Umeå. The first event will be held in January 2013. The initiative comes from the wish to meet and get inspired by other people. Read more at


Metropolis is a nightclub I ran between 2001-2005. It won the Nöjesguiden award for best nighclub 2003 and was voted the 3rd best nightclub in Stockholm ever by 50 DJs interviewed by Pause Magazine.

Moment 77

Me and two friends make Wordpress Plugins and releases them under the name Moment 77.

Portfolio Umeå

Prortfolio was a project I ran in Umeå, where unrecognized creatives got to display and talk about their work.

Sneaky Toys

I ran a Toy Company for a short while, experimenting with creative and educational toys.